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Tuesday, September 23, 2014


These fun, colorful wreaths 
are one-of-a-kind. ($20)
Visit the "Pages" to the left to see my other designs!

                   Fall Wreath                                                          

        Halloween (1 of 3 designs)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Killer Deal on Paper

So a scrapbook store near my house recently went out of business and I went to stock up. And I really stocked up! (I bought over 10,000 pieces of paper and about that many punchouts and stickers)

Each piece of card stock measures 12 x 12 and is 2-sided.  The punchouts and stickers are incredibly cute too. Check out my "Paper" page to get a look at each piece.

If you'd like to buy any, just email me which number you'd like and how many pieces. (I've put how many I have in stock next to each design).

Thanks and enjoy!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


CLASSIC NATIVITY - $60 for the whole set, $20 for each group, or $7 per piece.
(Each piece is approximately 1" high)

SNOWMAN NATIVITY - $40 for the whole set or $7 per piece.
(Each piece is approximately 2" high)

BEAR NATIVITY - $50 for the whole set, $25 for each group, or $7 per piece
(Each piece is approximately 2" high)


Merry Christ"MOOSE" ornament - $6

Santa ornament - $12

Elf ornament - $15

Snowman ornament - $6

"Once there was a Snowman..." - $5

"Many are cold, few are frozen" - $8

(You can customize the nametag with your missionary's name)

Your snowman family - $3-$5 (depending on size)
(Customize colors and sizes according to your family)

Ho, Ho, Moo - $8


Pumpkin Mummy - $8

Cauldron Mummy - $8

Candy corn Mummy - $8

Spider Mummy - $8

Turkey - $8

Pumpkin Patch - $15

Halloween Stack - $15


Love Bug - $8 (or Just "Bee"cause)

Lil' Devil - $8


Uncle Sam - $8


Blue Bird - $6

Easter Stack - $15

Baby Chick - $6


Leprechaun boy - $8

Leprechaun girl - $8

I can customize pretty much anything, so if there is something you want but don't see it, just ask...I might be able to make it!

MISC./CUSTOM ORDERS (Everything you see can be customized, like colors, sizes, etc.)

Wizard - $15(approx. 2 inches tall)

Flying Dragon - $25 (approx. 6 inches tall)

(There is a hook on his back so you can hang him and he looks likes he's flying)

Faeries - $8 each

(She's holding a butterfly)
(She's holding a little ladybug)

(There are hooks in their backs so they can hang them and they look like they are flying)

Lady Bug - $6

"Let you light so shine - $8 each"

Penguin - $8

School Girls - $8 each
(Holding an apple and "ABC" book)

Baby Boy w/Frog - $6

Baby in Walker - $6

Mountain Moose - $12

"E-I-E-I-O - $15"

Cabin Stack - $15

Teddy Bear - $6

Lilly-Bug - $8

Your family
(obviously this is completely customized, but these pics show two families who have ordered in the past).

Price varies depending on the size of your family, but typically they are around $6 a piece.

Once again, if you have something in mind, but don't see it here, tell me...I can probably make it for you. Thanks!

Monday, August 10, 2009


"Bee" Grateful is holding a thank you card with 'thank you' written in different languages (sorry for the awful pic. I'll update it soon.) "Bee" Smart has a grad cap and tassel on and is holding a diploma. "Bee" Involved is holding a shovel and is smudged with coal dust (that's a story Pres. Hinckley tells in the book). "Bee" Clean is washing his hands. "Bee" True has one hand over his heart and the other to the square. "Bee" Positive has two thumbs up. "Bee" Humble is sitting holding a flower. "Bee" Still is sitting with his legs bent up against his chest. "Bee" Prayerful is kneeling in prayer with eyes closed.

$8 each or $60 for the whole set

Sunday, August 9, 2009

CHESS SETS - Fully customizable! Choose your characters, colors, etc...

Bees vs. Frogs -
$150 (includes custom chess board) or $125 w/o chess board

Wizards & Dragons -
$225 (includes custom chess board) or $200 w/o board.
Customize your colors!